Health and Safety Policy Statement

MJ Roofing is committed to providing an environment that is both healthy, and safe from injuries and incidents. The company is dedicated to achieving and maintaining a zero incident record and ensuring the rights of the workers.

The company understands that all workers have a right to a safe and healthy work environment and will do everything reasonably practical to provide it. In turn MJ Roofing expects the maintenance of the safety program to be upheld with the cooperation of all personnel on all levels of the company. Complete and active participation and commitment by everyone, everyday, in every job is necessary for the level of safety excellence the company expects.

Responsibilities of MJ Roofing's Health and Safety Program are shared:

  • Management accepts the responsibility of providing leadership and management for the program and its effectiveness. They will also provide support to all levels of personnel with any aspect of the program. This includes improvement, ensuring safe working conditions, training of personnel, and ensuring practices and procedures meet safety regulations.
  • Supervisors are responsible to lead by example and assist with the enforcement of the program. They are also to assist with the development of proper positive attitudes towards the program with those whom they supervise. Ensuring that all operations, tasks and duties that they, and those they supervise, perform are done in accordance to legislation and the company's program with upmost regard for the welfare of all involved.
  • Foremen are responsible to ensure that work conditions are safe for anyone who is in their environment. They most assist the Supervisors with enforcing and maintaining the program, as well as keeping accountable for the actions that take place in regards to legislation. Ensuring that standards are met, and handling any deficiencies that arise. Leading by example is important for Foremen to do.
  • Employees are responsible for cooperating with all aspects and areas of MJ Roofing's Health and Safety Program, including compliance of it and current legislation. This is to be done at all times while performing their duties for the company.

MJ Roofing is committed to work with our personnel in the development and implementation of any aspect of the company's Health and Safety Program.

"We now have unshakable conviction that accident causes are man-made and that a manmade problem can be solved by men and women."

- W.H. Cameron

MJ Roofing is committed to protecting natural resources by integrating environmentally friendly materials and practices into our entire operation. We recycle metal flashings, lumber and containers...


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