MJ Roofing Inspections

How solid is the roof over your head?

Annual inspection by MJ Roofing can give you the answers.

Our highly-trained, dedicated technicians begin with a comprehensive inspection of your roof and all of its components, including base flashings, counter flashings, the roof mat, coping, parapet walls, drainage and overflow design and integrity, expansion joints, any roof-mounted equipment (such as HVAC) and any mechanical penetrations as well as mechanical system support.

Next, we sketch the roof, creating comprehensive diagrams identifying all equipment, such as roof vents. This is entered into our computer using CAD software and the result is kept on file to be consulted for current and future care of your roof.

Complete Trouble-shooting

We inspect for signs of trouble including:

  • failing expansion joints
  • splits in the roof that may be hidden by gravel
  • rotting sleepers
  • poor flashing details
  • moisture leaks
  • roof mat separation or blistering
  • moisture problems affecting the coping

Recognizing that your roof is one component of an interrelated building system, we look for hidden defects in your building, identifying potential problems.

Comprehensive Report

All of this is compiled into a comprehensive report, including:

  • Recommendations for what is needed
  • Prioritized by urgency to help you budget needed repairs or partial or total roof replacement
  • Projected costs

MJ Roofing's trained technologists will correct the minor defects inspection reveals before these can become major problems. In addition, at no additional charge, we repair any leaks that develop as a result of normal wear over the course of your Roof Maintenance Agreement.

MJ Roofing's Standard of Excellence -- We provide the best possible protection to your company's roof, so that it can protect your facility and the assets it houses for many worry-free years to come.

MJ Roofing is committed to protecting natural resources by integrating environmentally friendly materials and practices into our entire operation. We recycle metal flashings, lumber and containers...


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